Efficient Business Solutions

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The building blocks of successful projects

Business Process Automation

For the user, individually optimized software will save time and money by providing the highest degree of automation of complex business processes.

Enterprise Application Integration

Assistance in designing, planning, acquiring and implementing complex projects in heterogeneous environments. Thanks to specialization in data migration and optimization, we assure trouble-free complete or supplemental changeovers to more efficient systems.

Agile Software Development

Ongoing constructive consultation instead of pure contract fulfillment. Flexible adaptation to changing circumstances rather than rigid adherence to an outdated plan, as well as reduction of administrative overheads to a minimum are features of our successful operation. Realization is taking account of internationalization (i18N) and localization (L10N).

Advanced Web Services

We have been operating servers for our customers at several sites for over 25 years, covering a wide variety of services ranging from multilingual web hosting, fully-automated data exchange using individual interfaces, to complex load-balancing cluster systems.

IT Consulting

Our offering not only includes advice, assistance, employee training and guidance in the planning phase. We also provide assistance and support in the planning, design, selection, acquisition, implementation and operation of appropriate hardware and software for business operations.